Here are a few links & resources provided that may of interest to individuals interested in the disciplines and programs contained herein:

Information on Diversity:

  1. Survey on Earned Doctorates:
  2. Statistics on Women in Philosophy:
  3. Tenured/tenure track women in 98 philosophy departments:
  4. Australasian Association of Philosophy Report on women in the profession:
  5. blog on ‘what it is like to be a women in philosophy’:
  6. Important new information on the climate for Women in Philosophy from SWIP UK:



  1. The Collegium of Black Women Philosophers:
  2. The Caribbean Philosophers Association:
  3. Society for Women in Philosophy:>””>


Institutes for Students:

  1. CUSP Cultivating Underrepresented Students in Philosophy:
  2. Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy:
  3. Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute:


Other relevant links:

  1. Information on Continental Philosophy Programs: