American Philosophy Advisory Boards

Members of our Advisory Boards are those who agreed to fill out surveys. They are not collectively responsible for the Guide or its overall methodology, though many made helpful suggestions.

Name Affiliation
Anderson, Douglas Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Colapietro, Vincent Penn State University
Curry, Tommy Texas A&M
Harris, Leonard Purdue University
Jackman, Henry York University
James, Denise U. or Dayton
Kegley, Jacquelyn California State University at Bakersfield
Koopman, Colin U. of Oregon
Magada-Ward, Mary Middle Tennessee State University
MacMullan, Terrance Eastern Washington University
McKenna, Erin Pacific Lutheran University
Pratt, Scott U. of Oregon
Shusterman, Richard Florida Atlantic University
Stroud, Scott U. of Texas at Austin
Tunstall, Dwayne Grand Valley State University